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Communite Multiplayer City Builder.png

Communite - Early Access is LIVE!

Streamers unite! We're building a cozy, wholesome MULTIPLAYER city builder - designed to help you engage your community in meaningful new ways, and forge stronger connections with your tribe!


Build, Collaborate and Grow Together

As you play together, the world around you evolves! Meet new NPCs, unlock new tiles, and get to know eachother!


A World For YOUR Community

Your audience finally gets to play alongside you in a shared world that belongs only to you!


Meaningful Engagement

Every time you log in you'll find your community has left you something special to explore.

Get your own server (only 8 left!)

Submit your Twitch/Youtube/Discord channel and we'll get back to you asap!

Thanks for submitting!


Increases Engagement

Pilot streamers report 20%-40% increase in engagement and viewer retention!


Subscriber Rewards

Give access to private servers as an exciting new way to reward subscribers!


Endless User Generated Content

Players can keep building the world as you sleep, leaving you plenty of surprises to discover on-stream next time you visit!

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