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Press Kit - Westurn: Turn-based Showdowns

Fact Sheet:

Developer: Jimjum Studios
Release Date: 15th July, 2022
Platforms: Android and iOS
Price: 100% Free!

Android Link:

iOS Link:

About Jimjum Studios:

Jimjum is an award winning indie studio making delicious boutique games!


After officially debuting in 2021, the studio gathered widespread critical acclaim, and was accepted into Google's Indie Games Accelerator (2021-2022).

Now, after finally graduating, the studio is hitting the ground running and launching its next game Westurn: Turn Based Showdowns

Game Description:

Westurn: Turn Based Showdowns is a turn based Western (Westurn?) full of high stakes cowboy duels, mind games, and tactical thinking!

Playing as the Shadeless Sheriff, players must travel across the Endless Wasteland while outsmarting outlaws and hunting down their notorious Gang leaders. Each with their own unique territory, weapons, and dueling style.

Block bullets and shoot bandits when they're off their guard, all while hastily reloading your own gun before they catch you off of yours. Use your sharp mind and sharp shooting to figure out your foe's tactics and use it against them!

Every cowboy needs a trusty steed, and your new best friend Tusik is always waiting for you give you advice, carry your loot, and provide some much needed emotional support.

Good luck Sheriff, and beware! There's more than just petty outlaws lurking in the sands.




  • Turn-based showdowns - Block bullets, shoot enemies when they're off their guard, and reload your gun at just the right time to avoid being caught off of yours! In these 1v1 standoffs, every move counts!

  • Adapt your tactics - Figure out your opponent's tactics and use it against them to win! A sharp shooter is nothing without a sharp mind!

  • Powerful Powerups - Use your secret Sheriff abilities to tip the scales of a duel whenever you're in a tough spot. Just be careful, your enemies have a few tricks up their sleeves too!

  • Unique skins (and LOOT!) - Become the richest most fashionable Sheriff of them all.

  • PvP Showdowns - Invite friends and foes alike to good ol' Sheriff Showdown to see whose the sharpest shot once and for all.

  • Your own best friend - Tusik, your trusty steed and loyal companion is always waiting to accompany you, supporting you both literally and emotionally throughout your adventures!

Screenshots and Videos


App Icon and Logo:

Jimjum Studios Logo.png


Mati Ernst - Art
Itamar Ernst - Animation
Dima Pshoul - Programming

Nimrod Kimhi - Marketing

Yuval Vilner - Music and SFX

Featured Articles and Awards:

Graduated Google's Indie Games Accelerator (2021-2022):

Monetization Permissions:

Jimjum Studios allows for the contents of Westurn: Turn Based Showdowns to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Froglike: The Frog Roguelike is legally & explicitly allowed by Jimjum Studios.


Press and Business Inquiries: team [at]
Twitter: @Jimjumstudios

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